Monday, 11 February 2013

Network Devices : Routers

Nework Devices

See previous post Network Devices. now we will share about Routers.



A router has two basic functions, path determination using a variety of metrics, and forwarding packets from one network to another.  Routing metrics can include load on the link between devices, delay, bandwidth, and reliability, or even hop count (i.e. the number of devices a packet must go through in order to reach its destination). 

In essence, routers will do all that bridges and switches will do, plus more.  Routers have the capability of looking deeper into the data frame and applying network services based on the destination IP address.  Destination and Source IP addresses are a part of the network header added to a packet encapsulation at the network layer.    


Summary Network Devices :

n  LANs are designed to operate within
a limited geographic area
n  Key LAN components are computers, NOS, NICs, hubs, and cables
n  Common LAN topologies include
bus, tree, star, and ring
n  Common LAN/WAN devices are hubs, bridges, switches, and routers

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